The Black Garden Project

The Black Garden Project is a documentary radio play that will be adapted into a podcast and released in the spring of 2022. The series will take music and sound texts (interviews, field recordings, poetry, recorded lectures, etc.) into a critical investigation of Black queer life ecologies. The series will specifically examine the process of creating nourishing spaces by and for Black people and allies who are working to create a dialogue around the accessibility of concepts like safety and community for Black people globally.

Staying true to its roots in radio art, this project will poetically mix elements of newspaper theater with radio interference and distortion to examine and reflect the difficulty and at times impossibility of establishing and sustaining nourishing spaces for Black life in the contemporary world. The Black Garden Project will also explore the simultaneous capacity of radical Black media to enact real structural connections through vulnerable Black communities that are creating new sites for Black resistance politics, Black life gardens, and futures.

To access audio of the premiere radio broadcast of the The Black Garden Project from June 26, 2021 visit the WGXC 90.7-FM: Radio for Open Ears archive or you can also click on the image of the program playlist below. For project updates stay tuned to this webpage and follow Temar France on Instagram .

The Black Garden Project Presents: “The Pond Recordings” featuring Yolanda Watson accompanied by Danny Caicedo. Recorded at Wave Farm.

“Pineapple” by Yolanda Watson
“ASMR” by Yolanda Watson
“No Cap” by Yolanda Watson

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