Marginalia Podcast

Womanist notes on pop culture, politics & the personal. Temar & Aura share their perspectives & navigate the world within & around them.

Produced and hosted by Temar France (@etmafrance) & Auralynn Rosario (@amazingaura)

IG: @MarginaliaPodcast

From the original episode featuring co-creator Freda Raitelu: “Marginalia “is a podcast and visual art project that documents the voices of Women of Color (WOC) at Smith College, Northampton, MA.

We recognize “Marginalia” and the WOC Feminism (WOCF) that gave birth to it as a site of legitimate knowledge production and aim to engage WOCF and cultural politics to share with our audience insight into the literal and spiritual sites of WOC community-building, sisterhood, and survival at Smith College and around the world. We are grateful to our classmates of SWG 204: This Bridge Called My Back: Women of Color Cultural Production for showing up, in what we perceive as, every emotional, intuitive, and intellectual way possible. Thank you Professor Juliana Hu Pegues for bringing the raw, keepin it real, and throwin your shade like only you can—for teaching and guiding us in the ways of our Ancestors. And, last, but certainly not least, we are grateful for Xiomara Andino, Raven Bonet, Zoraida Colon, Yolandi Cruz Guerrero, and Dulce Mora for your badassery—thank you for surviving.” – Freda Raitelu & Temar France

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