In Living Color

From the In Living Color exhibition in 2018:

“This is a project of encounter. An attempt. A recognition of the subjectivities that shape a human life. The subjects photographed for this exhibition were asked to reply to the questions, “How do you live?” and “What do you see?”, in response to seeing their portraits. The purpose in including their answers in the show was to offer a measure of authorship in an experience that too often strips away the subjective experience of those being photographed. The varied responses reflect the complexity of subjective experiences and identities, that are often erased under the umbrella term, “people of color”. Although one’s experience as a non-white student can impact their Smith College experience, one’s perceived race, does not necessarily define how one engages with their identity or how one lives in the world. In living Color is a reflection of the quotidien – the everydayness of life captured in a singular moment. By posing the questions above we are asking how one cultivates a natural life in an unnatural environment.

Unnatural because this institution was not built for “people of color”.

Unnatural because we are living in the margins.

Unnatural because we are expected to do the extraordinary everyday.

We are whole individuals rather than people whose race eclipses every aspect of our very ordinary and sometimes mundane lives. There are no pillars of strength or wilting flowers in this exhibition, yet how could we know? There is only what is seen and can never be known.” – Camille Bacon